Jeugddanstheater Plankenkoorts

Jeugddanstheater Plankenkoorts brings funny, spectacular and poetic dance performances, that make you want to jump up and join in. Leaving plenty of space for your own imagination the images will touch you straight in your heart.
All performances are for children age 4 and older.

News April 2010


In January Caroline gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Father, mother and child are all doing well! In April it was Katjoesja's turn and she now has a wonderful son. And that family is also doing well!


Femke Luyckx

During the maternity leave of Caroline and Katjoesja our dancer Femke Luyckx will step in and function as production leader.
In the winter of 2009 Femke could be seen as one of the Teachers in the daily television show Circus op Ketnet.


Risk! in spring 2011

"The small circus of the sun. That's Jeugddanstheater Plankenkoorts.
Three colourful dancers are joyfully tumbling and turning in Risk! (4+), while children and parents hold their breath.

Risk!  Risk!  Risk!

The assocation with the famous Cirque du Soleil is quickly made. The costumes of Plankenkoorts are just as colourful, the performance enholds a great deal of acrobatics and dancing and acting are playfully mixed. Everything is just a tat smaller and more modest then at the mega-productions of the big brother."
From an article by Moon Saris on the performance Risk! by Jeugddanstheater Plankenkoorts.

In spring 2011 Plankenkoorts will perform the highly succesfull performance Risk! one last time. Risk! combines modern dance with aerial acrobatics. For this purpose the Plankenkoorts dancers went to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and to Elsie en Serenity Smith in New York to train and take classes. They taught us the techniques in aerial silks and we transformed those into dance. Thus we could show the theme "taking risks" quite literally: climbing, falling and dreaming of flying.
The aerial acrobatics brought an extra dimension and merged effortlessly with the dance.

Risk! is suitabel for:
4 years and older
all school types (Montessori, special schools, etc.)
theatres and gyms
an entire primary school, including parents!


'A beautiful combination of craftsmanship, humour and emotion'
Martin Overdrek, Almeerse Theaters

'Wonderful to see how the children were touched by the movement and the dance. The emotions in the mousestill audience could be clearly felt, like the children were living it themselves... Highly recommended!'
Roos Nijholt, Schouwburg de Agnietenhof (Tiel).


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