Here's a collection of links to websites about dance, theatre and children's theatre:

Dutch dance and theatre
Dutch Youth Dance and Theatre
International dance links
Other links

Dutch dance and theatre

Dansserver A lot of information about Dutch dance: news, agenda, jobs, productions, festivals, performances, companies, schools, classes, health, policy, law and subsidies, dance films...

Dance Week

Dance Week Modern dance, classical ballet, youth dance, world dance, hiphop and dance films: the Dance Week is the perfect moment to get caught by the dance-vibe. For ten days beautiful dance performances can be seen throughout the Nederlands. In theatres or at unique locations. Reknowned choreographers and young talent.
Be inspired by the fascinating moves of the dancers. Feel the energy bursting from the stage. Do a little dancesteps yourself in one of the many workshops. Let dance move you!

Dutch Theatre Instute

The Dutch Theatre Institute has an international office. Among other things they offer an international visitor's programme.

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Dutch Youth Dance

  Danstheater Aya: dance company for children and youngsters
  De Meekers: dance company for children
  Merkx en dansers: dance company for children
  De Stilte: dance company for children
  Raz: dance company for children and adults
  Introdans Educatief: dance company for children
  Internationaal Danstheater voor de Jeugd: dance company for children
  and youngsters with international folkloristic repertoire
  Gato Bizar: dance performances and workshops for children
  Jeugdtheater Duplex: performances for children with dance, singing and play

Dutch Youth Theatre site about Dutch youth theatre
  Cultuurnetwerk: Dutch site about children's theatre in schools and education
  Assitej: Worldwide International network for children's theatre

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Youth dance festivals

  Szene Bunte Whäne: Youth dance festival in Vienna
  Ruutia!: Youth dance festival in Finland

Dutch dance festivals

  Nederlandse Dansdagen
  Dance Week
  Holland Dance Festival
  Juli Dans

Dutch youth theatre festivals


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International dance links

  @URL Dance Resources

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Other links

Close-Act Theatre

Marja in the boll Caroline and Katjoesja are also working as dancers and stilt acrobats for Close-Act Theatre. Theo is their head light and sound technician.
Close-Act is internationally succesfull with a.o. the streettheatre performance Malaya and the streetttheatre act Sau'rus. We have already played in Brazil, Taiwan, Canada, Spanje, Ireland and Scotland.
Beautiful photos of their big spectacles and amazing costumes are to be seen at their website

Street theatre

Caroline as white goddess More information on street theatre on

Cathelijne Esser

Cathelijne There is a story behind everything and everybody. Cathelijne Esser has a own website where she tells all her stories!

Originally Fake

Originally Fake Femke Luyckx has her own website for her work as aerial acrobat and dancer. Look at

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